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Search Engine Marketing

Many websites and businesses practice various search engine marketing techniques to get visitors to their sites.  In this case, the goal is to get their site to show up on Google™, Yahoo™, and other search engines as a way to attract new visitors.  There are several types of search engine marketing that are common online today.

One of the most common types of search engine marketing is search engine optimization.  Web content will likely include a predetermined keyword or keyword phrase that will enhance the site’s search engine results.  The goal with this type of search engine marketing is to have the keyword or phrase repeated enough to boost search engine results.

Search engine marketing can also include things like pay per click advertising.  In this case, you would use a search engine, such as Google™, to place ads on your website or other websites to advertise your business.  Many people use this as a way to make extra money on their site.  It is also an easy way for businesses to attract new visitors.

There are other types of search engine marketing that might be used.  Today, as more people than ever frequently use the Internet, these types of marketing techniques are growing in popularity.

Advantages Of Google AdWords Over SEO

Minimal Impact – Most sites won’t need to make design or layout changes in order to use PPC. SEO often requires site design changes, and these changes can be significant and costly.

Instant – Traffic can start flowing in a matter of minutes once a campaign has been launched. With SEO, traffic can take some time to build, and there is no guarantee it will arrive at all.

Only Pay Per Clicks- You only pay once a pre-qualified prospect clicks on your ads. SEO requires a large upfront investment with no guarantees of campaign performance. Traffic and visibility isn’t directly controlled by the SEO.

Precise Keyword Targeting - You choose the keyword terms under which you appear. This allows you to run tightly focused campaigns. With SEO, pages can appear under a wide range of keyword terms, and sometimes these terms are unrelated to your campaign. This can make campaigns difficult to measure.

Precise Tracking And Adjustment – We get instant, precise figures, and we can adjust your campaigns in real time. SEO campaigns can be adjusted, but it is time consuming, and the results of which might not be seen for months.

Landing Page Control – You decide which page search visitors see. With SEO, visitors can arrive on any page the search engine has in its index.

Region Control – You control the regions and countries in which people see the ads. With SEO, you have no control over regions or countries.

Control Your Budget – You can specify exactly what your monthly budget is and can always expand your program based on your company's growth. SEO is largely an upfront cost, and the campaign can’t easily be switched off.

Time Control - You can control when your ads are seen. SEO has no such control


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